Photography is a chance to put a frame around a moment in life and study it closely.

My specialty is canine, feline and equine with a few people thrown in as well below!

I love pet portraiture. I have been around animals all my life and I feel I have the experience and rapport to work with them bringing out their personality in front of the camera.
Much of my photos are used for stock at shutterstock . I have also pinned some on Pinterest if you care to follow.

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Randomly generated gallery below from my blog over time. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about my services.

  • Some new pet stock images
  • What are you looking at????
  • Last Rays
    A little evening drama
  • The hummingbird that hung around
  • The iconic falls
  • 2015 Faculty and Staff art show
  • New camera & Pomegranites
  • Meet Monica
  • A Little King
  • Poodle in black
  • Our Christmas tradition
  • Last light on a leaf
  • Which road is best?
  • Tangerine Tango Sunrise?
  • Flower & Spider
  • Every so often...
  • Wow they are fast!
  • Morning softness
  • Yosemite Fall Colors
  • A little therapy
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day
  • We had a little snow on the mountain this evening
  • Pet photos accepted at Shutterstock
  • My Bubble Gum Supternia
  • A little world
  • Many moods of Lady Washington
  • Sun took a vaction so I shot the moon!
  • Los Vaqueros north entrance opening
  • Blossom study
  • LMC Brentwood Center
  • Lynn House Gallery Local Artist Exhibit
  • Frosty Blue
    Frosty Blue Tile
  • Shooting the moods of the moon
  • A fun photo shoot with some fun students
  • Facebook pet costume photo contest
  • I'm a sucker for these
  • Google drive forms
  • A couple from fern spring
  • Faculty & staff art show (updated photos)
  • New cat photos
  • Lovely day in Old Town Sacramento
  • It's flower time!
  • Misty Mountain
  • Welcome to the party!
  • Finnessing the King
  • Being different is beautiful
  • Close encounter
  • Puppy fun
  • Rim lighting
  • Watershed photos
  • Awesome clouds
  • Peahen whispering to peacock
    Psst!... new images approved
  • Pea babies
  • chihuahua bat
    Bats about Adobe?
  • Got my sunflowers 🙂
  • Something to gobble about
  • My pretty sunflower
  • Couple more stock images accepted
  • Bold bobcat
  • Simply batty this Halloween
  • What Easter looks like here
  • Bits from our trip
  • Getting ready!
  • Getting ready!
  • What RU doing this Saturday?
  • When the Devil burns...
  • Spooky neighbor
  • Foggy day texture
  • More fun with my toys and patient models
  • Portrait of a farmer
  • Earth day graphics
  • The cat's in the bag
  • Another daily post blog
  • Congratulations to Durwynne Hsieh!
  • A little trip through the little town of Locke Ca
  • Group hunting for glass at glass beach
    Colorful mulch alternative
  • A lot to be thankful for...
  • A hawk life
  • Black and white rainbow?
  • Great dane puppy - cute
  • Currently showing!
  • Meet my new model!
  • Here a pepper, there a pepper...
  • Loving to leap
  • Cute little photo story...
  • Come experience the Delta through Art
  • Kittens and flowers - what more for Easter?