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Brenda enjoying a quiet moment with her moluccan cockatoo
– Enjoying a quiet moment

Since before I was born my parents had a dog grooming shop so I was always around animals. I started working at the grooming shop at a very young age and I learned the ways of connecting quickly with animals.

My love for animals and my background as a designer lead me to visually explore that special bond between human and animal.

I am currently developing the website specialcompanions.com and possibly a book to celebrate that bond not just in the visual but with the written word as well. I want to hear your story!

Below is a random sample of images from my blog. I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting!

  • Getting ready!
  • Finnessing the King
  • The calendar and the big red bow
  • My fat cat has his own spread in PurrFect Pets Magazine
  • Peacock in my garden
  • My catmas christmas card to you
  • The cat's in the bag
  • Loving to leap
  • Great dane puppy - cute
  • Special companion
  • A Little King
  • New stock image approved
  • Peaceful bench
  • A few felines
  • My noisy Scrub Jay
  • New cat photos
  • Quiet moment
  • Peahen whispering to peacock
    Psst!... new images approved
  • Puppy fun
  • Vehicle graphic detail
  • chihuahua bat
    Bats about Adobe?
  • Merry Catmas Greeting Card!
  • Simply batty this Halloween
  • Happy 2016!
  • Something to crow about...
  • Poodle in black