Vehicle graphic detail

Vehicle graphic detail

After 40+ years Chapman’s Dog Grooming of Antioch is going mobile! Here is a closeup of part of the graphics I am doing for the mobile grooming vehicle.

The image of the dog is high resolution so it’s enough for printing on the door of the vehicle and the grass and bubbles were created in Adobe Illustrator so they could be scaled at various sizes. It’s not complete yet but I will be posting updates as the project moves along. I have to credit tutsplus for the wonderful tutorial on how to create realistic bubbles!.

Poodle in black

Poodle in black

I just couldn’t pick a favorite so here they all are. I got a chance to photograph a pup of a different color this weekend and I have to say it was a little bit of a challenge. Her fur is inky black so I chose to photograph her against black and let the light from the window create highlights on her fur that would define her shape. For the most part I think it worked. Help me pick a favorite?








Finnessing the King

Finnessing the King

Below is the king of my poodle pack (at least in body weight) and following that is how I made a little more kingly…

King Burt




I am lucky to have a great little poodle who will gladly do anything I ask him to do as long as he can have jerky treat at the end. For this photo I draped an old cape from a Halloween costume I once wore. I picked up a little crown from the .99 cent store. I frizzed up his hair a little so it would hold it and set up a couple strobes. I shot with the light box to the right and a reflected umbrella to the left a little higher. The shot wasn’t perfect and needed a little help so I did a little¬† photoshop as you will see the original below:


1I used “content aware” to take out the edge of the black curtain in the background.

2I used the patch tool to fix his hair.

3 I added sparkle to his crown using the star brush tool with white as the foreground color

4I used the clone rubber stamp tool and sampled light hair with opacity of 50% and set the blend mode to lighten to clean the eye stain under his eyes

5 Lastly I used the glamor glow from Nik Efex to give a softness and I masked his face so that it didn’t apply to his eyes and nose.


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