A photo in lights!

Yup one of my photos can be see from the freeway in lights this morning. Its one of 8 on display in an ad on the newly installed electronic billboard.


Before it was just a regular billboard and it couldn’t be changed until the contract was up. Now the message can be rotated throughout the year. Below is how it looked before it was upgraded to the new system.


Something to crow about…

lighting-diagram-1453503333A couple of weeks ago I found a couple of chickens deposited in my garden. I have no idea who put them there but they are pretty cute so I decided to keep them. I’ve also been working on perfecting my portable studio and decided the chicken coop was the perfect place to test it out – watching my footing of course! I believe the white bird is a Silkie rooster and the speckled bird is a Plymouth Barred Rock hen. We’ve already had a few fried eggs so far 🙂

The light set up was a simple three light setup, two in the front with a diffuser and one pointed at the white background. How I got them in the right spot was a grape stuck to the end of my tripod leg that I waved around as a pointer!