To be 19 feet tall!

It’s always fun to see your images being used but it’s not often they are 19 feet high!


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A veteran and his son



I had a fun assignment this week that I thought I would share. I was asked to photograph a guy and his 2.5 year old son. The dad is a wounded veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan and is part of the wounded warrior program. Because of his injuries he cannot go into criminal justice like he wanted to so instead he is going through a process technology program. He has one semester to complete before finishing the program. The photographs will be used for a story about his struggles and successes going through the program along with being a dad. Here his son proudly wears his fathers helmet and would NOT take it off no matter how much I tried. Very cute to see how much he admired his father.

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A few felines

I had the pleasure of getting a few felines comfortable with the camera…


This cat is almost a blue gray in tone when you see him. I decided to try and go for a tone on tone here and made a hammock out of a scarf I had. He seems quite comfortable don’t ya think?

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Tangerine two

I had a chance to photograph a new dynamic duo, Violinist Rick Kaname Shinozaki and Pianist Anne Rainwater. I really enjoyed taking their portraits. Expect to hear more from them in the near future!


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Pretty mold

Who knew that mold could be so pretty? That was my thought when I saw how my swan neck gourd dried. The pattern is a speckled brindle color. I don’t know yet what I will make of it but for right now I just had to photograph it! It’s been a bit of work to get it to this point. I had to fight and win against powdery mildew attacking my plants. Then I had to figure out the best time to cut and wait for them to dry.


I think it was worth the wait :)


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Link to a page in a multi-page PDF

Do you have a muliti-page PDF that you would like to post on your website and keep that way but also want to link to a specific page number in the PDF? The quickest and easiest way is to just append the page number to the end of your web address like this: #page=<pagenum> When you click on the link below you will automatically go to page 29 of this document.


See more parameters at the Adobe website

If you want me to share more tips like this let me know if the comment section below!


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Frosting a building in photoshop

I was asked to make a little holiday card for work where one of the buildings would be frosted. We don’t get frost like this so that’s why it’s a little funny. Many asked me how I did it. I used several photoshop tricks in combination with fine tuning some of those tricks for this particular image. Below is the original I started with followed by the final image.


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