Stumbled upon stock

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Kinda fun to find your photos in action. That is what happened to me today when I was  searching my name to find a website I had forgotten the address of. I was doing that search under google image search and ran across a couple of my photos that were purchased from shutter stock. You just never know how your photos are going to be used.

Here is one of a female peacock doing a backwards glance at her mate.


View the stock photo here

And here is another on one of those “top ten…whatevers” that you have to click through and see a lot of ads. In this case it was the top ten family dogs. It was actually in German but I ran google translate on it only to find out that they called my poodle a Bichon Frise!!


Link to stock photo here

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Quick and easy 5 minute potato harvest!

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I have a little plot at the community garden near where I work. I go there to tend to it on my lunch break so the trick is to get as much done in the limited time I have. I must say it’s a practice in efficiency and I’ve learned a few things while doing it. One of my successes this year was my potato harvest!

Harvesting these potatoes took me no more than five minutes!


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Watercolor peacock

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I was so flattered to receive an email from someone who visited my blog and liked one of my peacock photos enough to paint it! Here is a link to the original photo and below is your art. Her name is Annelise Wallie and she is only 16 years old! This is certainly going on my wall!! Very nice!!!


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Web page count tip

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Sometimes the seemingly simplest question is the hardest to answer!

There are times when you just want to know how many web pages are on a domain. It would be easy just to give a total of the number of files on the sever however that tells you the number total of all the images, web pages and other documents. If you just want to know how many web pages there are here is a little trick I learned.

  1. Go to on a desktop machine. Didn’t seem to work on my iPad
  2. Type in (change “” to be yours of course!)
  3. Note the little gray numbers under the search. This is how many pages are on the site

NOTE: this is a great way to browse the content of a site that hasn’t linked to all their content or their content is buried deep in their site.

See below of an 8 page site I designed.



Now look at how many pages the college site has that work for!


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Luscious lettuce!

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I have to brag about how nice my salad bowl lettuce is this season. I think I can attribute this to two things that make it so. One is the raised beds that have no contact with the ground so no chance of little creatures from the ground. And the other is the addition of the mosquito netting on the cage that surrounds the lettuce as you can see from the picture. This netting I bought from Amazon and I like it because I can see through it and it look really pretty when the sunlight hits it. There are no white flies which have been a problem in the past. From what I have heard even if they do get in there the white netting actually blinds them so they don’t stay. I am not sure if that is true but they aren’t there!

11073207_10206385632349988_8382894831696037078_o 11099585_10206385625349813_188387202234841410_o

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Web store sneak peak

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I don’t usually show a website until it’s mostly finished but I am excited about my new pet photo stock store I am setting up. As of this post I have only formatted 6 photos for sale because I wanted to focus on getting all the details right before adding more. I am using gumroad for the store engine and I coded the page to be responsive so hopefully when you view this on any device you can see the thumbnails fairly large in either 3, 2 or one column. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be alerted when I add new photos at the bottom of the page!


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Stained Glass Illustration

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I was asked to take this pencil illustration (see art here) and create a graphic for a poster that will advertise a newly written opera. I’m not much of an illustrator myself but I at least had the pencil sketch from the client to work off of. I used Adobe Illustrator to outline and ink in the illustration and then photoshop to apply textures.

The name of the opera is the Voyage of Mary Magdalene. You can view the hatchfund project and see a video about the opera here. It will be opening March 21st at the Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church.

Since the play was biblical in nature I thought stained glass would be appropriate and also would explain the blocky chunks of color. I chose to follow this tutorial which was a perfect choice!!



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