A little trip to Benicia

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I got a chance to go on a little trip into Benicia, CA to explore the marina area. It was high tide so there weren’t a lot of rocks but some for some interesting shots below. Such a pretty place. I didn’t know this little hidden gem existed.

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Photographing college graduation

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example gallery from weebly

example gallery from weebly

I was asked to photograph the Los Medanos College 2015 graduation ceremony a couple of days ago. It happened to be the largest one they had yet and that meant over 400 graduates! Needless to say I have over 2,000 images I needed to whittle down through and make sure I tried to show most everyone while still capturing the fun of the event. We use these photos not only to document the night but they are great marketing pieces to remind potential students what they are working towards.

The trick to getting maximum exposure is to get through these photos fast before the momentum of the event wears off and that is where some handy software can help. I used Adobe lightroom to quickly star the photos I was going to keep based on the thumbnails. Then I batched adjusted the exposure on some that were a little light struck. Then I did a little cropping and then exported them as decent sized jpegs.

Here is where the cool part comes in. To make a web gallery or a slideshow can take hours but not so when you use the free templates that weebly offers you. They offer free blogs and web hosting and what’s even cooler is you can download the pages and keep a copy for hosting elsewhere.

Another free little tool I just found out about is Pro Show Web that allows you to quickly make a slideshow with 15 images or less and set it to music.



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When bent nails are good

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I’ve always been drawn to old buildings and things that show the ravages of times. It feels like there are ghosts that live there. Not only is this old door come from days gone by but those bent nails cause one to stop and wonder why… Did the lock fall off? Did someone try and break in? Was it a quick repair and these were the only nails they could find? I also love how the thin spider web appears to be the only thing holding the door in its place. Below is a link to the recently approved for stock photo.


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Stumbled upon stock

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Kinda fun to find your photos in action. That is what happened to me today when I was  searching my name to find a website I had forgotten the address of. I was doing that search under google image search and ran across a couple of my photos that were purchased from shutter stock. You just never know how your photos are going to be used.

Here is one of a female peacock doing a backwards glance at her mate.


View the stock photo here

And here is another on one of those “top ten…whatevers” that you have to click through and see a lot of ads. In this case it was the top ten family dogs. It was actually in German but I ran google translate on it only to find out that they called my poodle a Bichon Frise!!


Link to stock photo here

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Quick and easy 5 minute potato harvest!

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I have a little plot at the community garden near where I work. I go there to tend to it on my lunch break so the trick is to get as much done in the limited time I have. I must say it’s a practice in efficiency and I’ve learned a few things while doing it. One of my successes this year was my potato harvest!

Harvesting these potatoes took me no more than five minutes!


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Watercolor peacock

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I was so flattered to receive an email from someone who visited my blog and liked one of my peacock photos enough to paint it! Here is a link to the original photo and below is your art. Her name is Annelise Wallie and she is only 16 years old! This is certainly going on my wall!! Very nice!!!


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Web page count tip

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Sometimes the seemingly simplest question is the hardest to answer!

There are times when you just want to know how many web pages are on a domain. It would be easy just to give a total of the number of files on the sever however that tells you the number total of all the images, web pages and other documents. If you just want to know how many web pages there are here is a little trick I learned.

  1. Go to google.com on a desktop machine. Didn’t seem to work on my iPad
  2. Type in site:www.yourdomain.com (change “yourdomain.com” to be yours of course!)
  3. Note the little gray numbers under the search. This is how many pages are on the site

NOTE: this is a great way to browse the content of a site that hasn’t linked to all their content or their content is buried deep in their site.

See below of an 8 page site I designed.



Now look at how many pages the college site has that work for!


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