My catmas christmas card to you

I recently took this shot of our cat and felt I needed to do something with it! Here is a little Catmas Christmas card! If you interested in purchasing this image it was recently accepted to shutterstock.


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Window washer?

At least a window washer is what I think of when I look at this image. How about you?


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Animated graphic for a newsletter created in photoshop

Tis the season to make little holiday graphics so I thought I would share how to make a little animated graphic you might embed in an email to encourage someone to click it.

Below is several I put together along with how to create one in photoshop. These were to encourage viewers to click through to view a video. Videos are harder to actually get to play in an email but an animated GIF usually does play. I must say the cute little  snowman below was drawn by our extremely talented intern Ali Cameron!


lights-V2 lights snowman


The first step is to design the each design that will be in sequence. The fewer the better because each frame will slow down your load time.

Using the first graphic as an example there is only two frames. One with one set of lights on and then the other with the alternating lights on.


1. Create the graphic along with the layers that will include the graphics for each frame.

2. Select window>timeline. If asked choose animation for graphic instead of animation for video.

3. The first frame will already be visible. Select the duplicate frame icon.
Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.00.38 PM

4. Now turn on and off the visible layers to show what the next frame will look like.

5. Select how long you want each frame to display and if you want to the animation to loop forever.

6. Select file>save for web  and choose GIF as your file type!

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New stock image approved

I just love the appearance of this cat. The subtle colors in what appear to be just gray and his wonderful yellow eyes. Just submitted this to shutterstock a few days ago and now is in my gallery.


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Chronic Disease Prevention website

Another website I have been working on for the Chronic Disease Prevention Leadership Project. They provide resources, tools, conferences and trainings to local health departments in promoting positive change in making chronic disease prevention a priority. Interested to know more? Then have a look!!

web-screen1 web-screen2

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Another year!

Always fun to make a new calendar for my parents business. They hand these little calendars out each year and it’s a magnet. It’s always a challenge to get all the months into a small space and still have room for contact information. I especially like this circle format. I am reminded of the a clock and the marching of time.



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How to clip a section in a flip book

I’ve been a fan of ISSUU for a pretty long time. Besides the fact it sounds like you are sneezing when you say their name it’s a pretty easy and relatively low cost option for embedding printed documents in your website and adding some interactivity. Sometimes you just have to present information exactly as it was laid out in a print layout program and ISSUU does this.

Sometimes all you need is just one page or a section of a page within a pretty large document to share with someone. ISSUU recently released that feature and I think it’s pretty useful! I recorded a little video that shows this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 5.41.30 PM

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