Merry Catmas Greeting Card!

cardI’m excited to announce I have proffesionally printed my first set of greeting cards just in time for Christmas! Pictured is a fluffy feral cat enjoying the fun of Christmas. A perfect card for your cat loving friends!

I have set up a shop on Etsy where you can purchase one card in a plastic sleeve with envelope or a box of 6 cards with envelopes. You can also purchase single cards through Gumroad and PayPal as well.


Copyright range on your website

Do you need a copyright symbol?copy

You technically don’t need a copyright to protect yourself but it is a reminder that your work is just not free for the taking and the thought is that in court it’s much harder for a person to claim they didn’t realize they couldn’t use your work if you have the copyright notice visible on your site.

I’ve been in the process of changing my blog around. Just a lot of little details here and there. One little detail that I see often overlook is the date in the footer. People will put a copyright there with just one year – the year the site was created. But a website and especially a blog is constantly changing so therefore it should have a copyright range because all of your work is protected from the first design to the last design. Read more