A little world

As a little test for myself I thought I would photograph my beta. He doesn’t display often but I found he doesn’t like it when I wear black. Also he has a very  dark head so it’s hard to get enough light on him without it reflecting into the glass. I think I got it pretty good here with the help of my mother holding a flashlight over his head. All this took place while the snail cleaned the glass peacefully below.

Elephant eared beta
Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 11.47.00 AM
Beta companion – shot with my iphone

Facebook pet costume photo contest

I had the idea to set up a facebook promotion for Chapman’s Dog Grooming. The idea is that people could enter a photo of their pet all dressed up for Halloween for a chance to win a $20 off coupon for grooming. Trouble is this is not allowed according to facebook policy so you have to use a third party app. Facebook does not want their tools to be associated with any kind of promotion.  You will however see other businesses violating those rules and they don’t seem to have a problem. If facebook finds out however your account could be suspended so it’s better safe than sorry!

I did some googling and there are a number of 3rd party apps out there that offer photo contests. I went with easy promos because they allow the first promotion free to people with less than 5,000 fans and it will run for as long as you like.

Below is a photo of Opal I used to for the facebook photo contest promo page.

If you’re in the Antioch, Oakley or Brentwood area of California enter your photo and don’t forget to vote on the entries! The contest runs through October 31st.