My iPad painting attempt

This is not really my first iPad painting but it’s the first one I’ve done that I actually like! I wish I could say I imagined the scene but I used my friends photo of a fire access road in Oregon for inspiration. He said the light on the road broke through the mist and created this wonderful glow. I wanted to see if I could capture that. I used the drawing program called Procreate. Hope you enjoy!



A little trip through the little town of Locke Ca


Locke, Ca was founded in 1915 according to it’s website by a group of Chinese immigrant merchents who wanted to establish a town of their own after a fire had broken out in nearby Walnut Grove. It was originally named Lockeport after George Locke, who owned the land that the town was built upon at a time when Chinese people were not allowed to own land. It is also been designated National Historic Landmark District  due to the historical significance of the only town being built by Chinese for Chinese. Much of the original decendents have moved on but many of the buildings remain in their original state (a school house, an import shop, grocery store etc.)

Below are some snapshots from my visit to the little town. Hope you enjoy!


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My first pond flower!

I took my laptop down to my garden to work on some web pages. I like to sit there so that the scenery isn’t always the same old office set up. I love being surprised by my garden. As I walked by my bathtub pond I saw something bobbing in the water under the waterfall and it was a water lily!!! I was certain it wasn’t going to bloom. I was having so much trouble with the water hardness and other things that I gave up on those plants a while ago. I guess I was wrong because there it was in the water. I had my iphone with me and turned the flower around to face me (careful not to drop my iPhone in the water!). Then with the little photo applications that are offered by the App store at Apple I sharpened it some and increased the contrast etc. I don’t think it did too bad for a camera phone!

Played around with the apps on the iPhone
Played around with the apps on the iPhone

Little trees

Little trees
Little trees

Just took this photo with my new iphone. I love its selective focus and macro capabilities. Makes it so much easier to share a quick picture.

In addition to just taking this snapshot with the iPhone I played around with the image with a few of the iPhone apps. Most notably one called color splash. I thought of it because I was having trouble getting focus on the little green plants with all the busy green plants in the background. I like the glass sun of my garden stand and I wanted to frame it with the trees but it wasn’t working. With color splash it makes the whole image B&W and then you just use your finger to “paint” back in the color of the original image. You can zoom in to do fine detail or zoom out to do big brush strokes.

The other apps I used on this image was photogene to adjust the levels, color saturation and temperature. I also added the soft dark edge in this program as well as a slight crop. Then I opened it in Picoli to sharpen it. Between these apps I practically have photoshop on my iPhone!

These little trees/bushes are so cute that I saw at Raley’s that I couldnt’ resist. They were bone dry so I hope they make it. When my new office at work is finished I will have a window so I may take them there since they are so little but for the time being they are in my fern garden.

The names are from left to right: ‘wilma’ lemon cypress (cupressus macrocarpa), european olive (olea europaea), lavender, ‘microphyllus’ dwarf euonymus (euonymus japonica).