Sorting an ordered or un-ordered list in alpha order

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I started to compile a link list of  mostly free image stock (creative commons) websites that I knew about. I was assembling this list for my students so they had images to use on their projects without violating copyrights. As  I added them it was in no particular order. I found I was duplicating links and not able to go back later to find a specific link. You would think that in Adobe Dreamweaver there would be an easy way to sort this kind of content and every other solution I saw required javascript which I thought was a rather cumbersome approach.

Here is my the solution:

  1. Copy the contents right off the webpage (ctrl+click or right click).
  2. Paste the contents into Microsoft word. It keeps all the HTML formatting if you want to later copy it and paste it into your own web page.
  3. Select the text again and hit the Home ribbon tab to access the paragraph styles.
  4. You’ll see a button that looks like A-Z with an arrow. Click that and it will offer options to sort your list. Sort by paragraph, type: text in ascending order and you’ll have an alphabetical list!Use the home tab and paragraph settings to sort content in MS word
  5. Then paste it back into the web page and it retains all the links and the formatting. Yeah!

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