Celebration of Art June 25th, 2-4pm

The Arts & Cultural Foundation along with the Antioch Historical Society, will host the 11th Annual Celebration of Art 2016 Exhibit at the Antioch Historical Society Museum with 60+ local artists participating in the event. This will be my first time showing there with a couple of pieces AND I talked my mom into submitting something as well!

The event begins on Saturday, June 25th, with an artist reception from 2-4 PM. The exhibit continues through Wednesday, July 22nd. The event, artist reception and entry to the museum are free. 

Artist Name: Adele Boyer, Anna Chunn, Annette Seabury, Beverly C. Turner, Beverly Knight, Beverly Martinez, Brenda Chapman, Carla McCrea, Cathy Hanson, Charles J Fox Jr, Charlotte Cusack, Danny Grace, Dianne Curtain, Dianne Solvari, Easy Gonzalez, Eloine Chapman, Ginamarie Tudoni, Jerome Gibson, Joni Hess, Julia Offord, Kay Kirby, Ken Tomlin, Laurie DiMaggio, Lisa Fulmer, Matt Martin, Mary Young, Michael Pohl,  Michele Eakin, Michelle Cicala, Mike Nelson, Nordyn Anderson, Paul Dugan, Paul Schorr, Prudence Capelle, Raymond Figueroa, Rick Felix, Robin Ruport, Sharon Petersen, Thomas Seabury, Tyler De Vincenzi and Yarina Brooks.

If you’ve never been inside the Antioch Historical Museum it’s a really fun place to wander around especially if you are from Antioch. There is so much history of the culture throughout the years with newspaper clippings, old advertisements and sports memorabilia. You can read more about the old school building here   http://www.art4antioch.org/ahs.asp

The Antioch Historical Society Museum is open Wednesdays & Saturdays, from 1-4 PM, and admission is free.

3 thoughts on “Celebration of Art June 25th, 2-4pm

  • June 23, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    That is a really impressive building, Eloine! Was it built for the museum, or have any history? I hope you win top prize in something! Best wishes!

  • June 23, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    Hi Vern,

    It was actually the first school built in our county in 1911. When you got in it feels like a school but it’s jammed packed full of our towns history. Kinda place where you you have to wear white gloves to touch the old newspapers 🙂

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