Stained Glass Illustration


I was asked to take this pencil illustration (see art here) and create a graphic for a poster that will advertise a newly written opera. I’m not much of an illustrator myself but I at least had the pencil sketch from the client to work off of. I used Adobe Illustrator to outline and ink in the illustration and then photoshop to apply textures.

The name of the opera is the Voyage of Mary Magdalene. You can view the hatchfund project and see a video about the opera here. It will be opening March 21st at the Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church.

Since the play was biblical in nature I thought stained glass would be appropriate and also would explain the blocky chunks of color. I chose to follow this tutorial which was a perfect choice!!



2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Illustration

  • February 28, 2015 at 7:47 am

    Beautifully rendered. (The white caps on the water give the scene a subtle dynamism.)

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