Google drive forms

I’ve posted before about Google docs (now called Google drive) but I had to post again because they sure have made my life so much easier!

Doing web forms from scratch can be a time consuming process to make and with Google’s easy form creation tool you can have a working feedback form that collects data in a spreadsheet in a matter of minutes for free!

The draw back is you don’t have a lot of control over the placement of some of the fields. For example if you want to make your form two column you have to get back into trying to do some code hacks so you might as well do another method than Google forms.

You can however control the width of the form that you can then embed in your web page. What I have done here is dress it up with one of my photos. This helps make the web page not so boring with a static form. Make a form and assign it the width of half the page and then drop an image behind either in a table background or as a background DIV tag and you’re done!




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