A little trip through the little town of Locke Ca


Locke, Ca was founded in 1915 according to it’s website by a group of Chinese immigrant merchents who wanted to establish a town of their own after a fire had broken out in nearby Walnut Grove. It was originally named Lockeport after George Locke, who owned the land that the town was built upon at a time when Chinese people were not allowed to own land. It is also been designated National Historic Landmark District  due to the historical significance of the only town being built by Chinese for Chinese. Much of the original decendents have moved on but many of the buildings remain in their original state (a school house, an import shop, grocery store etc.)

Below are some snapshots from my visit to the little town. Hope you enjoy!


This is a little art studio at the end of the main street. She put the sign of lockport on the building because she had heard the town was called Lockport before it was called Locke.
Across the street from the shack is a little chinese restaurant. I loved the little lamppost and shot this with my iphone using HDR Pro, painteresque and filterstorm.

Seems to be telling me to come in!

This is actually in the neighboring town of Isleton (a new housing development that never was. It looked rather odd out in the middle of an open field to see these really tall houses with nothing but the dead grass to keep them company. It was just a little after sunset and the light was really getting dim. The houses were surrounded by chain link fencing but thankfully I had a gorilla pod and was able to mount my DSLR on the fence to get this shot. Notice there are no stair cases into the buildings. The bottom part is all garage since this area flooded many years ago all homes have to be built up like this.

You can see the rest of the photos that I and the people in our photo group took here: [button link=”http://www.meetup.com/Delta-Digital-Camera-Club/photos/10163572/”] Meetup camera group[/button]



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  • August 20, 2012 at 9:01 am

    very interesting story, Eloine! i also enjoed the fine images

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