Spooky neighbor

Here is a photo of a winery that is not yet completed. For some reason this house always spooks me out a little at night. I think it’s because there are no lights on the outside of the house. Every light in the house is on and yet it appears lifeless – almost looks like a glowing face in the darkness.

7 thoughts on “Spooky neighbor

  • November 22, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Looks like a Photoshop fun with layers project!

  • November 22, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Wow, that is really cool! Yes, it is spooky too. Great shot.

  • November 22, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Does look a little spooky

  • November 22, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Weird looking place at night! Great Photo!

  • November 23, 2011 at 7:01 am

    Windows of Bluebeard’s castle?

  • November 23, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    That place looks sure looks spooky. I keep expecting to see an old lady in a rocking chair in the window like in psycho

  • November 25, 2011 at 5:01 am

    It must have been a central gathering spot for Halloween 😉

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