Learning to roll

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When photographing animals you just never know what they are going to do!

Still life of little things

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Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.16.22 PM

I was asked to take a picture of a couple’s old baby shoes. I love the difference in them and the worn texture. It kind of tells a story.

Getting a large plant safely out of a pot

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Just wanted to share a little garden tip I learned to save your back when transplanting heavy plants.

My garden shed made of old doors

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Little garden shed made of old doors

This took me a little longer to do than I thought but I needed a shed to put my garden stuff in. I saw an old wide narrow pallet and we had 4 old heavy doors that just fit around the pallet. Unfortunately I didn’t have two more for the front so that is plywood and pine siding. For the roof I used some white corrugated panels to let in some light. Finally a place to put my stuff and it can moved around theoretically if I need to because it’s already on a pellet!


My iPad painting attempt

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This is not really my first iPad painting but it’s the first one I’ve done that I actually like! I wish I could say I imagined the scene but I used my friends photo of a fire access road in Oregon for inspiration. He said the light on the road broke through the mist and created this wonderful glow. I wanted to see if I could capture that. I used the drawing program called Procreate. Hope you enjoy!



Portrait of a farmer

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My garden buddy Steve was kind enough to help me make some photos for stock. He not only has a great face but equal in is knowledge about gardening. It was a lot of fun – I hope I can persuade him to pose some more!


ELC_5321 ELC_5500 ELC_5519 ELC_5544 ELC_5563 ELC_5569

ELC_5367 ELC_5383

A few career portraits

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I was asked to take photograph a few career oriented portraits of our students for a set of departmental flyers. Each student would be highlighted in a flyer about the program along with a quote about what the program did for them. Below is a selection of some of the wonderful people I met.


This is Patricia who after her job in the retail industry was downsized during the economic downturn and decided to go back to school. She is now graduating from the electrical instrumentation program.


This is Erin who graduated a little while ago from the recording arts program. He freelances all over San Francisco and Oakland as well as goes on tours with various artist.


This is Vanessa who will be transferring to a university next semester. She is the first in her family to continue on for an advanced degree. She currently works as a police aid and is interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice.




This is James who has been welding all his life. He was taught by his friends and family but appreciates a formal education. Originally he enrolled in journalism but realized his true love is still welding.


Meet Tamralyn who never finished high school and was intimidated by physics, chemistry and algebra. Never the less she decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in Process Technology.




Chris is a fire academy graduate who feels confident in his career goal in becoming a fire fighter. He loves the teamwork and knowledge he gained while going through the program.

To be 19 feet tall!

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It’s always fun to see your images being used but it’s not often they are 19 feet high!


A veteran and his son

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I had a fun assignment this week that I thought I would share. I was asked to photograph a guy and his 2.5 year old son. The dad is a wounded veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan and is part of the wounded warrior program. Because of his injuries he cannot go into criminal justice like he wanted to so instead he is going through a process technology program. He has one semester to complete before finishing the program. The photographs will be used for a story about his struggles and successes going through the program along with being a dad. Here his son proudly wears his fathers helmet and would NOT take it off no matter how much I tried. Very cute to see how much he admired his father.







A few felines

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I had the pleasure of getting a few felines comfortable with the camera…


This cat is almost a blue gray in tone when you see him. I decided to try and go for a tone on tone here and made a hammock out of a scarf I had. He seems quite comfortable don’t ya think?



This little queen has only half a tail. She was born without it which seems to give her a certain charm. It look me a little while to get her comfortable enough to show her tail but her expression that goes with it says it all!

Lasty here is one with big windows for eyeballs!